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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Rings | TTUHSC

Welcome to San Jose Jewelers, where our exquisite collection of TTUHSC rings celebrates the achievements and spirit of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center alums and students. Our pieces honor your journey and the university's rich traditions. They come in 19 styles and 11 band options, made from platinum silver, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Each ring will ensure that you carry a piece of your alma mater's legacy wherever you go.

About Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Founded in 1969, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is a beacon of medical excellence in Lubbock, Texas. Home to the proud Red Raiders, TTUHSC has grown into a prestigious institution recognized for its commitment to improving healthcare through innovative education and research. Its mascot, the Masked Rider, symbolizes its community's courage and momentum. The university is celebrated for its academic achievements, spirited motto, and fight song that resonate with students and alums, embodying the true Red Raider spirit.

About San Jose Jewelers' TTUHSC Rings

San Jose Jewelers proudly presents our official Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center ring collection. Crafted with precision and care, our 14k gold rings come with a lifetime warranty covering resizing, cleaning, and stone replacement, ensuring your piece remains as timeless as your memories. Whether you prefer the elegance of platinum silver or the warmth of rose gold, each ring is a testament to your accomplishments and the enduring spirit of TTUHSC. Explore San Jose's collection and find the perfect symbol of your academic journey and achievements!

Customize Your Ring

San Jose Jewelers offers 1-on-1 in store university ring customization.

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