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San Jose Jewelers is deeply committed to marrying the creation of stunning jewelry with the utmost respect for ethical principles and business responsibility. A key part of this pledge is our approach to acquiring diamonds, ensuring that each precious stone gracing our creations comes from a source that has been carefully vetted for its ethical practices.

The diamond industry is complex and has a troubled history, marred by issues such as conflict, violations of human rights, and harm to the environment. We, at San Jose Jewelers, are acutely aware of these issues and are steadfast in our commitment to dissociate our operations from such practices, while championing the rights of individuals and the preservation of our natural world.

We procure our diamonds only from trusted suppliers who share our ethos, strictly adhere to the Kimberley Process, an international initiative aimed at preventing the flow of conflict diamonds, and are accredited as conflict-free sources. This ensures that our diamonds are untainted by violence or conflict.

Additionally, we give high regard to environmental stewardship. Our partners are those who employ responsible mining practices, reducing environmental harm and fostering the well-being of the local populations who are part of the mining ecosystem.

We believe in complete transparency in our operations. Our goal is to instill unwavering trust in our patrons that they are making a responsible choice when purchasing from us. A diamond from San Jose Jewelers signifies not just a luxury purchase, but also your support for an industry that respects human rights, advocates fair labor conditions, and is committed to protecting our planet.

Acquiring jewelry often symbolizes significant life events. We, at San Jose Jewelers, hold the conviction that these invaluable moments should resonate with the values of ethics and accountability. Each sparkling diamond in our collections carries with it an assurance of ethically conscientious sourcing, adding profound depth to the beauty of your chosen piece. Your purchase from us is not just an aesthetic choice, but a responsible one.