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Rolex Watch Repair

Make sure your Rolex watch is routinely serviced and maintained by San Jose Jewelers' trusted Rolex professionals.

Rolex Maintenance Repair Services in Waco, Texas

In order for a Rolex watch to last a lifetime, it should be cared for and maintained with utmost care. Rolex watches should be cleaned, oiled, and serviced roughly every five years, rather than waiting until they encounter an issue. Keeping lubricants topped up will prevent neglect, prevent lubrications from drying out, and reduce friction in gears. You are more likely to need to replace parts if you wait longer between services. As a result, the repair will be more expensive.

Watch Assessment

a San Jose Jewelers Rolex watch technician will carefully examine your watch before opening it up for service. A cost estimate and necessary repairs are provided to you and your approval is sought prior to the next step.

Clean & Lubricate

We then lubricate all necessary parts and make any adjustments before assembling. Upon reassembling your watch, we clean, seal, and test it for waterproofness. As a result, your watch will meet the Rolex guarantee for precision.

Quality Assurance

Our final test ensures your Rolex watch functions perfectly and displays a flawless finish once it has been reassembled, cleaned, sealed, and approved. Our goal at San Jose Jewelers is to provide you with a like-new finish and first-class Rolex service.



What better way to get started on your Rolex repair than meeting our friendly watch repair specialists face to face?

Waco's Premier Rolex Watch Repair

In addition to our Rolex watch servicing and maintenance services, San Jose Jewelers provides professional Rolex watch repair services. You can trust us to diagnose and repair your Rolex watch to like-new conditions.

Our Rolex Watch Repair Process

After we diagnose the issues with your Rolex watch, our first step is to consult with you and get your approval before performing any repairs. This ensures you are aware of the cost and time it will take to complete the repair professionally.

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