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Rollins College Rings | RC

Immerse yourself in the tradition and pride of the Rollins Tars with San Jose Jewelers' collection of RC rings. These rings celebrate your journey at Rollins College, thoughtfully designed to commemorate your academic and personal milestones. Our diverse assortment offers a range of Rollins College Rings, perfect for graduates and alums. Crafted with precision and commitment to quality, a Rollins College ring from San Jose Jewelers is a testament to your unique path. Wearing a Rollins College ring is not just a symbol of your educational journey; it's a badge of honor that connects you to the esteemed legacy of RC. Shop our collection and select a Rollins College Ring that encapsulates your cherished memories!

About Rollins College

Established in 1885, Rollins College offers a blend of natural beauty and historic architecture in Winter Park, Florida. As home to the Rollins Tars, RC embodies a spirit of exploration and resilience. The college prides itself on its vibrant traditions, including mottos and fight songs that rally the community, fostering a deep sense of unity and pride among students and alums alike. Rollins College is where academic excellence meets innovation, preparing students to lead and succeed in an ever-changing world.

About San Jose Jewelers' Rollins College Rings

At San Jose Jewelers, we offer a line of officially licensed Rollins College rings, celebrating the spirit of the Rollins Tars. Our 14K gold collection comes with a lifetime warranty covering resizing, cleaning, and stone replacement, ensuring your Rollins College Ring remains a lasting emblem of your achievements. With 19 unique styles and 11 band options available in shades of platinum silver, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, there is a ring for every story. The carefully crafted seals on each ring reflect the rich traditions of Rollins College, making each piece a profound tribute to your time at RC.


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