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Rose Gold vs White Gold Vs Yellow Gold

Rose Gold vs White Gold Vs Yellow Gold

San Jose Jewelers is among the leading jewelers for people looking for premium quality jewelry. When selecting the correct type of gold for their jewelry, customers are often confused about which to choose between rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. That's why, in today’s blog, we will explore the differences between the three types of gold and help you make a more informed decision.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is an alloy containing gold, copper, and sometimes silver. The addition of copper gives the gold a pinkish hue, which makes it a popular choice for jewelry. The more copper present in the mixture, the deeper the color of the rose gold will be. The carat of rose gold can vary depending on the amount of pure gold in the alloy.

Rose gold has a timeless and elegant look that has made it increasingly popular over the years. Its warm tone complements most skin tones, making it a favorite among people who prefer something that stands out from the typical white and yellow gold.

What is White Gold?

White gold is an alloy made of gold and other white metals like nickel, silver, or palladium. Adding these metals gives the gold a silvery hue which can vary depending on the type and amount of alloy used. The carat of white gold can also vary depending on how much pure gold is mixed with the other metals.

White gold is a popular option for engagement and wedding rings because of its clean, sophisticated, and modern look. White gold goes well with different jewels, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.

What is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold is the most traditional and popular gold option. It is pure gold mixed with copper and zinc, which gives it a yellow hue. The carat of yellow gold varies depending on the amount of pure gold in the alloy.

Yellow gold has a timeless, classic look that makes it a constant staple in jewelry. It goes well with different types of gemstones, especially those that have warm tones, like emerald, ruby, and sapphire.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold is mostly a matter of personal taste. If you prefer a romantic and warm look, rose gold is your best bet. If you want a modern, timeless look, white gold is the right choice, and if you want a classic and versatile look, yellow gold is the way to go.

Factors to Consider


When it comes to durability, white gold is considered the most robust. It is more scratch-resistant than the other two types and is generally stronger.


The price of gold generally fluctuates depending on its demand and availability. However, white gold is slightly more expensive than yellow and rose gold because of the addition of other metals in the alloy.


All three gold types require maintenance to keep them looking new. However, rose gold is less prone to tarnish and corrosion than the other two types, making it easier to maintain and clean.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping things up, when choosing between rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, you must consider your individual preferences, style, and budget. Ultimately, the right decision comes down to personal choice. For optimal results, you can consider your style, skin tone, and the occasions you'll wear the jewelry before picking the ideal gold for your piece.

As a reputed jewelry brand known for its exquisite collections and custom-designed items, we hope this guide has given you better insight into the differences between white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. At San Jose Jewelers, we have a versatile collection of jewelry pieces available in all three colors and can help you create a unique piece or select the perfect one from our collection.

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