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What is Platinum Silver? | San Jose Jewelers | Platinum Silver Rings

Platinum Silver: The Perfect Mix

What makes platinum silver such an innovative hybrid metal? Today, we'll explore how it blends the best of platinum and silver into a single, radiant material, making it a popular choice for modern jewelry.

What is Platinum Silver?

Platinum silver is born from the union of, you guessed it, platinum and silver! Platinum is highly durable, while silver has a bright luster but is known to tarnish. Combining silver's beauty with platinum's resilience results in an affordable option with long-lasting brilliance. Platinum silver is a mixed metal combination, created by mixing 3.5% platinum with 96.5% silver.

What is the Difference Between Silver and Platinum Silver?

Silver's stunning, reflective charm requires regular maintenance. Adding platinum into the mix enhances silver's durability, making it 7 times more tarnish-resistant. Platinum silver is ideal for those who want the classic glow of silver, but also want something that will last a long time without the constant need for polishing.

Why Choose Platinum Silver?

Platinum silver is the perfect combination of strength and beauty. This unique blend of materials will withstand daily wear while maintaining an alluring sparkle. Platinum silver merges the visual appeal of silver with the functional benefits of platinum at an incredibly affordable value. Elevate your collection with something that promises lasting beauty by embracing platinum silver!

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