The Vida 228 University Collection Ring

Sale price$194.00


One of the best things about classic styling is that is never goes out of style. While new trends and tastes emerge over the years, the timeless design of a classic University ring will always be one of the most popular designs. The Vida 228 ring is going to be our most simple style, giving you a great way to preserve the elegance of your schools seal. 

The Vida 228 is available as a 10 MM round top, a 12 MM round top, or a 12X10 MM oval top.

There are 11 band options to pair with this top design. Please see the variation in the dropdown box. 

To customize this ring with additional gold colors, stone options, and seal versions please check out our custom ring builder! Here you can mix and match gold colors, select from all licensed school seals and sizes, as well as choose your stone options!

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