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The Victory 223 University Collection Ring

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University Collection Pieces require an 8 week production time.

The victory 223 university ring 10 mm in 14K gold The victory 223 university ring in 14K gold.

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University rings do not always have to be about tradition. Traditional college rings featured round seals featuring school seals without any special bands or stones. With style changing over the years, rings for college graduates, alumni, and fans have grown to become more modern in design. The Victory 223 ring is a perfect example of elegant stone designs that accentuate the school seal. This ring will feature a 12 MM round seal surrounded by a halo of twenty 2mm brilliant-cut stones on its slightly raised profile. This gives this ring a defined profile that houses a perfect cluster of stones.

The Victory 223 is available as a 10 MM round top or a 12 MM round top.

This ring is available with 16-20 stones weighing approximately 0.56-0.70 carats (depending on the type of top you go with). 

There are 11 band options to pair with this top design. Please see the variation in the dropdown box.