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The Unity 175 University Collection Ring

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University Collection Pieces require an 8 week production time.

The Unity 175 University ring in 14K yellow gold. The Unity 175 University ring in 14K two tone gold. The Unity 175 University ring in 14K two tone gold.

Product Details

If you are looking for a unique University ring to showcase your college years, the Unity 175 ring is the perfect way for you to make your college ring stand out. The Unity ring features a classic setting with your college’s seal embossed on the surface much like traditional rings. The unique feature that makes the Unity stand out from the rest is the stone and metal bead pattern along the setting border. This gives the ring a look, unlike the rest, that is sure to be the topic of conversation when worn. 

The Unity 175 is available as a 10 MM round top, a 12 MM round top, or a 12X10 MM oval top.

This ring is available with 8-10 stones weighing approximately 0.24-0.30 carats (depending on the type of top you go with).  

There are 11 band options to pair with this top design. Please see the variation in the dropdown box.