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The Luna 237 University Collection Ring

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University Collection Pieces require an 8 week production time.

The Luna 237 university collection ring in 12 mm. San Jose Jewelers.

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For a more unique twist on circular University ring styling, the Luna 237 ring gives you a more modern look. At the heart of this ring, you will see the school seal which is surrounded by a beautiful halo of 1.25mm brilliant-cut stones. While many university rings will keep the circular profile, the Luna ring offers a squared halo design with a mill grained beaded border for an elegant design touch. 

The Luna 237 is available as a 10 MM round and a 12 MM round seal design. 

This ring is available with 24-28 stones weighing approximately 0.20-.025 carats (depending on the type of top you go with). 

There are 11 band options to pair with this top design. Please see the variation in the dropdown box.