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The Fierce 71 University Collection Ring

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University Collection Pieces require an 8 week production time.

The Fierce 71 university seal ring by San Jose Jewelers.

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For those who want to step away from the typical University rings, the Fierce 71 ring is going to offer one of the most unique looks. This ring is going to feature a bypass ring shank that is not normally seen on University rings. This allows the class seal to be accented in a way never before seen. The bypass shank is further accentuated by 18 stones that surround the seal for a beautiful and elegant look. 

The Fierce 71 is available as a 10 MM round top, a 12 MM round top, or a 12X10 MM oval top.

This ring is available with 18 stones weighing approximately 0.54 carats (depending on the type you go with).