I can't find my school!

Click the dropdown when building a ring, a list of available seals will appear. Many of the seals are shown on our "SEALS" page above. 

How long do your college rings take to make?

Our rings typically take 6-8 weeks to complete.

All I see are Baylor rings, is that all you make?

We have licensing for schools and institutions across the country, check the seal drop down when you are creating your ring to select the school. Don't feel limited by the seal in the product photos. Any seal can go on almost any ring!


What do the seals look like? What does 10mm, 12mm, and 12x10mm mean?

While we are working on a better way to show our seal designs, right now just shoot us an email (sales@collegeseals.com) asking to see the seal! A 10mm seal is a small round seal, a 12mm seal is a medium round seal, and a 12x10mm is a small size oval.


What are the shipping options? 

We can ship your ring out once it has been completed, or you can pick it up locally. All rings are shipped UPS Ground, are insured, and should require a signature upon delivery. Contact us if you would like to arrange something different!


Do you do sterling silver college rings?

No, we typically only do 14K gold for our ladies' college rings and 10K gold for our men's.


Does changing the color of gold affect the price?

No, prices are set based on the style of ring and stones you choose and is not affected by the gold color.


Can you get licensed to do my school?

We can look into getting licensed with your school. The licensing process can take a few weeks. There is an extra $200 to the first customer to cut the school's seal for the first time. (If you can get a couple of other students from your school to also place an order at the same time, we will waive that extra fee.) Fill out the form in the "REQUEST A SCHOOL" tab to start the licensing process with your school.


The old website said you had a license for my school, but I don’t see it listed.

We are currently redesigning many of our seals, and they will be added to the website as we get them made.


I want something totally custom, not from the website.

If you have looked through all of our styles and options, but are still looking for something special, send us an email with some photos and ideas and we would be happy to build a custom style for you.


Do ya'll offer payment plans? How does it work?

Yes! Via Partial.ly. With Partial.ly payment plans, you set up how much you would like to pay each month for up to 6 months.


Still need help? Contact us!